bBoggled crosses the 10k mark

The journey has been bumpy but we have been slowly making progress. We have now crossed the important 10K mark. Thank you all for the support.

bBoggled now with Scoreloop

We are really happy to announce to our fans that your favorite brain teaser game, bBoggled (pronounced ‘be-boggled’) now comes with Scoreloop. So go ahead and invite your friends to play with you, make new friends with the ‘match friend’ functionality and see how you compare with the best brains from around the world.

And above all, you would now be able to share your scores, rewards and achievements on Facebook, Twitter and mySpace.  So, you can let your friends know how your memory and math skills compare with theirs.

Ready for the next level of social brain gaming?

bBoggled crosses 1000 downloads

Ever since we released the game on android market, we have been tracking its downloads almost on an hourly basis only to be disappointed every time.  Using some positive feedback that we received from various forums, we decided to launch our game on the SlideMe Android Market almost two weeks after we had launched the game on the Android market. And since then there has been no turning back.

In just 7 days, we have crossed 1000+ downloads. That takes our average daily download figure to 143. And we look forward to what is yet to come.

bBoggled- Our First Android Game

Announcing the launch of the best math memory game ever! Check out this fun way to test your memory, strategy and quantitative skills.

Available for free at Android Market

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and earn a chance to win cool premium features of this game.

An earlier article on effiKC

While searching the Internet, I came across an article about our company. I am adding the link here for our fans and followers:

effiPOS Installation

Download the effiPOS application from:

Detailed instructions for installing effiPOS application are available at:

Please also note that the instructions for installing the pre-requisite software can be found at:

effiPOS Installation Prerequisites

You would need to follow these instructions if your PC does not contain the required software and settings.

1. Download Required Software:

The following software are required for effiPOS to run properly: (Note that all these software can also be downloaded from

  1. Java JDK-6 for Windows: Available from
  2. MySQL 5.1.x: Available from

2. Software Installation:

(a)  Install Java:

NOTE:  Most likely your PC already contains JAVA which is required for running effiPOS. You can check this by going to: Start -> Run. Then type ‘cmd’ into the window that opens and click ‘OK’. A DOS Command terminal would open. In this terminal type the command ‘java -version’ and press enter. You should get a result like:

java version “1.6.0_20″

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_20-b02)

Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 16.3-b01, mixed mode)

If you get a message like the one shown above, it means that JAVA 1.6 is already installed on your PC and you would not require to install JAVA again.

(b) Install MySQL:

Installation instructions for MySQL can be found at:

(NOTE: Remember the ‘root’ user password that you set during MySQL installation)

effiPOS- FREE Trial

effiPOS, the next generation Point of Sale software for retail chains can be downloaded from:


effiPOS requires the following to be installed in your PC before you can begin installing it:

  1. Java JRE 1.6
  2. MySQL 5.1

The detailed installation instructions for the software and the pre-requisites can be found at:

How to obtain a license:

After downloading effiPOS, send an email to with the subject: effiPOS Demo License Required. In the email, provide the name of your organization, the region of use and the contact person.  We will provide you with a license key that would be required at the time of installing effiPOS

effiPOS- The new generation point of sale software

Keeping with our commitment to come up with new products for small and medium enterprises, we are happy to announce our newest addition to our product line- effiPOS.

effiPOS is a platform independent Point of Sale software. It has been designed specifically for multi-store operation with both desktop and web-based modes. It packs in all the features required by modern day retailers at an unbelievable price. Moreover, we are continuously updating effiPOS with the feedback from our valuable customers so that it evolves with the evolving needs of the industry.

Currently the advanced version (desktop mode) is available at an introductory price of Rs 9,990 (US$ 225). It has all the features except those in a chain-store setting (which requires the web mode along with the desktop mode).  The software is also available for a no obligation evaluation for FREE for up to 30 days.

We are working on the help and FAQ section. So till then, please bear with us. In case you have any question, please send it to

Details of the software can be found here:

effiKC-Featured Startup of the Month interviews Soubhik Dawn, the founder and CEO of effiKC about his experience in starting up and the difficulties faced by him. The detailed interview can be found at:—Featured-Start-up.html

The transcript of the interview is as follows:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

EffiKC provides effiTRAQ, a GPS tracking and fleet management system. This system allows businesses to provide tracking services to their local client base and also enables them to get route violation alerts and detect fuel theft. It is not only loaded with features for the supply chain industry but also comes with an easy-to-use graphical interface for regular users. Founder Soubhik Dawn, a Stanford graduate, is all set to make effiTRAQ one of the most used GPS tracking platforms in the world

By Mridula Velagapudi

Starting out

Since his days at Stanford University, Soubhik was determined to have his own set-up. “The idea was to work for a while after my Masters and save enough to sail through the initial days of my start-up. After spending a couple of years at Shell Oil, Houston, I started trying to convince my friends about the idea of owning a business. However, I found that they were too comfortable in their regular jobs and thus I decided to proceed alone. I finally quit my job and returned to India to start my dream,” he recounts.


“I observed how the cities were trying to improve the public transportation system. This proposed an opportunity for GPS-based real time positioning systems that could be used to provide accurate location information of public buses and their expected arrival and departure information from any bus-stop. Being one of the first entrants, I realised that I would be able to capitalise on this emerging market segment and create sufficient technology barriers for future players.” This is how the idea of providing commercial Location Based Services (LBS) turned into effiKC.


Having the business set-up in Kolkata did not work in his favour initially. The main challenge came in acquiring the manpower. It was difficult to convince people to join a start-up because of their laid-back mindset. “Since the company’s focus was on technology and I did not have much experience in the domain, it was tough to get the right people in place. However, the economic slump proved to be a blessing in disguise and I was eventually able to get a bunch of talented youngsters to help me in my initiative,” Soubhik adds.

Once the product development got rolling, he faced a new challenge in demonstrating credibility. “It turned out that the governments, which needed this new-found technology, required minimum business credibility and a constant revenue stream. Being a start-up we did not possess either. Moreover, when we approached clients in the non-government sector, they were not willing to risk venturing into new technologies to manage existing processes,” he adds.


“Funding has been solely from my savings. So far I have invested around 8.5 lakh. Besides, I have applied for a grant under the MSME Scheme and would also be looking for investor funding in the near future,” he says.

USP and Model

EffiKC has tie-ups with vendors in China and Taiwan for providing and supporting hardware requirements. EffiTRAQ is a feature rich application and comes free for up to 100 vehicles. “Our revenue comes from any support or from any customisation project that a client asks for. Moreover, once the client’s business volume increases beyond 100 vehicles, we make money from the additional vehicle licenses. Our product is suitably positioned to meet the requirements for small businesses worldwide and helps us generate revenue once they start growing,” he says.


“Currently we do not have market competition. We provide effiTRAQ as an enterprise vehicle/personnel tracking software. Our pricing model differentiates us.


EffiKC plans to generate additional revenue through location and customer specific advertisements embedded into the effiTRAQ system. They would like to add mobile phone tracking applications for corporate and social networking. EffiKC is also working on other new technology products to diversify beyond the LBS vertical.