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The Power of Simplicity

Hello World!

What if there was a global ID card? You know what I mean right ? Today I walked into my swanky office, swiped my ID card and the doors flapped open.

I was just wondering, if this single ID held the key to everything? Open ID to the extreme , yeah! You could vote with that card, its your voters Id card. You could also double it up as a driving license ( If you wanted to upgrade from a two wheeler license to a four wheeler, its just a database upgrade at the central db!) , it could also be your ration card ( if you still have one) , it could be the account to your multiple bank accounts, credit cards, phone bills etc.

You get the drift right?

Also the security ( and backup ) of such an important piece of real estate needs to be primal. But thats another story altogether

My Status

Human beings are social animals. Personality, mood, body language etc of a person determine the way one socializes in a group setting. However, when in person one-on-one interactions are replaced by telephonic meetings,  there is hardly any scope of finding out the other person’s mood or body language.

Caller tunes address this social void to some extent. The song or music that a user chooses to greet one’s callers, demonstrates one’s mood and personality. As a result this concept gained instant popularity among the most socially active segment of population- the youth. Once the technology had made its inroads into the market and everyone else became aware of it, it spread like wild fire across the telecom subscriber circle. Today a significant percentage of mobile phone users across the country use caller tunes.

However, a caller tune can only partially meet our needs of depicting our moods and personality. Caller tunes are static. Once selected, they remain unless again changed by the user. Moreover songs can not depict the multitude of feelings that constitute human emotions.

What if we had a tool that would automatically pick up signals from the body (ECG, EEG, Body Temperature, Hormone Levels from sweat etc.) and determine one’s mood and then update the greeting status of one’s cell phone?

And what if it also allowed users to set custom ‘availability’ status based on one’s schedule as available in instant messengers? For example one could have status like ‘busy in a meeting’, ‘with family’, ‘at home’ etc that would be available to the caller even before the call is placed. This would not only save time (and sometimes embarassment) for the caller but also for the recipient.

I don’t know when such things would be practically possible. But one thing is for sure- when it happens, I’d be one of the first to use it…

Where are you?

Is it not difficult to remember every time to set vacation reply messages for your email or update your current location information on various social networking sites whenever you are traveling? about if this information was automatically updated so that your friends always knew where you were without having to inform them about it personally?

One way to do it would be to have a web-application maintaining every user’s personal profile and login information for each of his/her email and social networking profiles at one end. At the other end, one could synchronize the user’s mobile phone (that needs to have GPS) to update the location info onto the web-application.

For people who might not want to invest in an expensive GPS phone, the web-application could just note the last ip address from where the user last logged in to the world wide web  and use it to know his/her latest location on the globe.

Once the web-application has the user’s location co-ordinates, it can automatically update the info on all social networking sites as well as setup vacation replies if the user is not detected in his hometown.