effiTRAQ Vehicle Tracking now with Graphical Reports

We at effiKC believe in the power of information. We also understand the need for analyzing the information to draw useful inferences.

In keeping with our quest for providing the best tools to our clients for analyzing the overwhelming volumes of real time data that is generated through our effiTRAQ Vehicle Tracking System, we have introduced powerful graphical reports.

Optimizing the fleet performance is now as simple as clicking on a button with the new version of the effiTRAQ GPS Tracking Application.

So go ahead and test it out today!

effiTRAQ Enterprise- Platform Independent

I am delighted to inform all our clients and readers that effiTRAQ is now Windows compatible!

effiTRAQ Enterprise Vehicle Tracking Server software has been designed and tested to run on both Linux/ Unix servers as well as Windows Servers. effiTRAQ would thus be able to power your company’s real time asset tracking and supply chain requirements¬† irrespective of the OS your company’s IT infrastructure supports.

To know more about the system requirements to run effiTRAQ Enterprise Server, please get in touch with our support team.

effiTRAQ- The Vehicle Tracking system for Service Providers

Real Time Asset Tracking is the buzzword today in the domain of Supply Chain Management.  The market is growing rapidly and the analysts expect it to grow to several billion dollars in the near future.

Every player in this segment is trying to come up with new features that would provide additional benefits to the end clients with the hope of differentiating itself from competitors. But in this mad race to add new features for the end clients, not all of which are actually useful, one forgets the need for building tools that would help the provider of such tracking services to manage the ever growing number of clients and assets under its portfolio.

We, at effiKC, understand that a successful product is not one which has the most number of features but one that has features that are actually useful and that can be managed easily to help scale the business as demand grows.

Our product, effiTRAQ, is a comprehensive feature rich asset tracking and fleet management application that is efficient, scalable and easy to use. It has been built keeping in mind the needs of not only the end customers (for supply chain management) but also the service providers offering the asset tracking services. It comes with an administrative portal for managing clients, vehicles, marketing campaigns, tariff plans, billing and payments- not just in one country but in several countries and with different languages.

We would be discussing about the various features of the effiTRAQ Enterprise Application in our upcoming blogs. So don’t forget to add our feeds if you want to know about the latest developments in the field of Location Based Services.

Write files using javascript

The following piece of javascript when run from Internet Explorer will write a file on to your desktop.

function WriteToFile(fileName,text)
var fso = new ActiveXObject(”Scripting.FileSystemObject”);
//Open a file for writing. It will generate an error if it exists
var s = fso.CreateTextFile(fileName, false);
} catch(err)
//If a file exisits, append to it
var s = fso.OpenTextFile(fileName, 8);

This won’t work if:
1. You’re using a non-IE browser (which doesn’t support activex objects)
2. You’re using an IE browser on an XP machine with SP2 installed and the activex object is being blocked