BPO Industry
Lack of security of employees while traveling especially for women given the fact that the industry has shifts at odd hours
Inflated billing from vehicle operators - inaccurate reports on distance covered
Vehicle misuse by driver - route deviations, running the AC when vehicle not in use etc
Operational difficulties - Uncertainty in the time of start of shifts as arrival time of vehicle carrying employees is not known
EffiKC benefits:  
Safety - Security alerts are generated when vehicle goes outside predefined route
Safety - SOS button can be strategically placed such that it is easily accessible to passengers when under threat from driver
Operational Efficiency - Accurate trip status and employee arrival information available thus enabling better shift planning; accurate pick up times for employees
Preventing Vehicle Misuse - Alerts can be generated each time vehicle is started which could prevent drivers from switching on AC unnecessarily
  Cost Savings - Payments based on exact distance traveled  
Time Savings - Shortest route based on attendance info
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