Car Rental Companies
Lack of visibility of fleet status
Increase in communication costs trying to find location of vehicle
Vehicle misuse by driver - ranging from route deviations to using AC unnecessarily when vehicle is not in use
Lack of security of vehicle and safety of passenger
Lack of transparency for customers - no record to prove optimality of route taken to the customer
No measure of fleet performance available
EffiKC Benefits:  
24x7 Visibility - real time monitoring of vehicle whereabouts now possible
Cost Reduction - Reduction in communication costs trying to learn vehicle location and status
Improved Safety - Vehicle theft minimized by engine immobilization option; SOS button for passenger safety
Preventing Vehicle Misuse - Alerts can be generated each time vehicle is started which could prevent drivers from switching on AC unnecessarily; geo fence alerts are generated when drivers stray away from predefined routes/ areas
Superior Service - The 'find nearest vehicle' feature allows the operator to search for other vehicles in fleet nearest to the vehicle in distress to provide uninterrupted service to its customers in case of vehicle breakdown
Value Added Services - Tourists renting cars can now have access to information such as the nearest bank or market or any other point of interest from their current location
Increased Transparency of Billing - Customers can now have access to data showing actual distance covered, routes followed etc; especially beneficial for corporate clients
Performance Analysis - Performance reports of drivers and vehicles in fleet can now be obtained
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