EffiKC is looking for bright minds and dynamic people with entrepreneurial spirits to help it make its dream of becoming a market leader in Location Based Services (LBS) a reality. The following is a list of jobs available with the company. In addition, the company has close tie-ups with educational institutes and participates in internship programs from time to time.

If you have an interest in Location Based Services and would like to work with our ever-growing organization, you are encouraged to send us an email.
    Current Openings:  
            Software Architect:  
The Software Architect would be responsible for leading a technology project from its conception till the time of delivery and support. Apart from the technical and management skills required from the person for this role, he would also need to be a visionary and a technology enthusiast. He would be responsible for researching on upcoming technologies and providing direction to the management on areas to work on.
            Software Developer:  
The Software Developer is an integral part of our technology team. He is responsible for the actual implementation of a project. We encourage our developers to be creative and come up with non-conventional ways of solving problems. The position of a developer is one that holds significant learning opportunities at the same time offers tremendous growth opportunities in the industry.
            Sales Executive:  
The Sales Executives are the ones responsible for presenting to the client all the cutting edge technology that we develop. It is a vital role as it is directly related to the success of the company. The candidates should be intelligent, creative, hard working, self-motivated and self-starters. They should have an inherent interest in technology and have excellent communication skills to convince and convey complex technological ideas to non-technical customers.
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