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Application Features- Client Module
No Software Installation Required-The effiTRAQ application is web-based, hosted in a central server and does not require any installation in client computersNo Software Installation Required.The effiTRAQ application is web-based, hosted in a central server and does not require any installation in client computers
Single App for Multiple Countries-A single instance of the effiTRAQ application can be used to provide different country/ region specific content. For example for French customers the application would automatically show a French interface and maps centered around France while for English customers the application would show an English interface and maps centered at England
Real-time Tracking-Users can watch their vehicles moving in real-time on online maps. The application dynamically traces out the route being traversed and also shows valuable information like distance covered, instantaneous speed and other sensor inputs
History Replay-User can view past movement information between any two dates (and time)
Asset View-Overall view of asset groups and their locations and status on a map (latest positions)
Geo-Fences-Our application offers a user-friendly interface to create a geo-fence, which can then be uploaded remotely to the hardware. This (hardware) feature will generate alerts whenever the vehicle enters or leaves the designated geographical area (as defined by the user)
WayPoints-Also known as Points of Interest (POI), these are essentially circular areas defined by their center and radius on digital maps. This feature allows the user to configure points along the route that the vehicle must travel to, and receive alerts on arrival and departure (or non arrival or non departure) from these points. (This feature can be used to know what part of the journey and in what time frame has been accomplished by the vehicle or for example to set up arrival notification if the vehicle is some distance away from a warehouse etc.)
Alarm Settings-UI to define logic to generate alarms when certain criteria are met (e.g. if doors are opened, AC is switched on, temperature reaches a max value, vehicle crosses a state boundary, speed exceeds a certain value etc)
No Data Alerts-Logic to generate alerts when data is not received from device or satellites are not visible for more than a threshold period
Remote Control-Ability to issue commands to the vehicle from the web interface (e.g. open/ close doors, shut off engine ignition, turn on blinkers/ horns etc)
Geocoder Support-Reverse geocoder functionality to transform lat/lon position info into more human friendly location info (e.g. detailed addresses and landmarks)
Nearest Vehicle Finder-This feature would allow the user to find the vehicle (in a fleet) closest to a given geographical location or landmark and also show the other vehicles and distances from the point in an ascending order of their distances (so that the nearest vehicle in the fleet can be dispatched to this location)
Routing-This feature would enable the user to find the most optimal route for any vehicle to any destination
MIS Reports-Various reports are provided as part of the software package
Administrative Functions-The software allows the account owner to create several sub-users with various levels of access privileges (role in organization)
Notification Management-Each sub-user can select how he wants to be notified (email, SMS etc.) of any alert/ alarm resulting from the system

effiTRAQ Admin offers comprehensive reports both text and graphical as well as allows the export of these reports to Excel and XML formats. Some of the available reports are:
Detailed Reports-Get details with time, location and status for
Trip Report-Get summary of trips made
    1.From Start to Complete Stop
    2.From Start to Soft Stop
    3.From one location to another
Fleet Summary Report-Get status of entire fleet
Analysis Reports-Get daily analysis/ summary of
    6.Ignition Status
    7.Commands Sent to Vehicle
Alert Reports-Get details of alerts along with location and time
    1.Hardware Alerts
    2.User Defined Rule Violations
Billing-Get details of
    2.Payments Made
Usage-Get details of usage of various billable features
Application Features- Admin Module
Administrative Security-The admin panel web-application is completely isolated from the effiTRAQ client web-application thereby preventing any possibility of security breaches from the client side
Single Admin Panel for Multiple Instances-A single admin panel can manage multiple instances of effiTRAQ client web-applications each having its own database instance
Account Management-Admin panel can be used for managing (creating, deleting, activating, deactivating, messaging) user accounts who have access to the effiTRAQ client web-application
Tariff Plan Management-Admin panel allows creation and management of various tariff plans for devices as well as for accounts. Each tariff plan consists of billable features, the usage of which are monitored and reported by the application
Billing-The application allows automatic bill generation based on tariff plan and billing cycle. It also allows manual bill creation through the web interface
Payment Management-The effiTRAQ application tracks and manages payments for each bill, generates automated reminders as well as penalties for defaulting clients
Discount Management-The effiTRAQ application allows different types of discount schemes for promotion and customer support issues
Tax Management-The effiTRAQ application supports multiple tax rates. It is useful in countries where tax rates are revised from time to time or in countries where different tax rates are applicable for different regions
Data Management-The admin panel allows selective storage of client data depending upon the business requirements and disk capacity
Usage Logs-The admin panel tracks any changes or modifications done by an admin user to any account or its features. This makes admin users more accountable for their actions
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