Personal Security - High net worth individuals are vulnerable targets of anti social elements - kidnappings and extortion
Vehicle Security - Chauffeur driven expensive cars are prone to theft and misuse by the drivers
Family Security - Whereabouts of kids and young adults not known to parents
Traffic Hazard - Drunken driving, over speeding by children of the rich and influential people are a major traffic hazard in metros and a cause of embarrassment and concern for their families
EffiKC benefits:  
Improved Personal Security - The discreetly placed SOS button of the vehicle tracker or the mobile personal tracker can be activated to alert the nearest police station or a family member in case of an emergency
Preventing Vehicle Misuse - Vehicle thefts can be prevented by the remote immobilization options; ignition alerts and geo fence alerts can keep owners informed whenever the car is started or whenever it strays out of pre-defined areas
Better Security for Family Members - Kids driving around on their own can now be tracked by family members so that one knows about their whereabouts if they don't return home on time; the geo-fence feature can send alerts when one's kids go to certain (undesirable) places
Traffic Safety - Over speeding alerts can help prevent rash driving by one's kids or family members ensuring their safety as well as safety for traffic
  Cost Savings - Lesser insurance premiums  
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