Police and Emergency Services
Lack of real time information on the whereabouts of officers and vehicles on duty
Increased communication costs in trying to find where officers are located
Delayed emergency responses- as on a lot of occasions, the vehicles nearest to the site of emergency are not sent but the ones which are actually quite far away are, owing to lack of information on fleet status
Insufficient safety of officers on dangerous missions
Substandard Service - as a result of errant officers flouting duty
24x7 Visibility - Real time tracking of entire fleet on street level maps
Reduced Communication Costs - Using the 2-way communication option
Enhanced Response Time - The 'nearest vehicle finder' feature allows the control station to find the vehicle nearest to the accident/ crime area and send a response team quickly
Increased Safety - Officers can use the SOS button to alert control center in cases of emergency
Improved Efficiency - It is now possible to put a check on errant officers; for example the way point feature allows the control station to record whether a patrol vehicle covers all the areas it is supposed to cover
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