Public Transport Companies

Lack of visibility of fleet status
Adherence to time table
Adherence to routes and stops to be serviced in each route
Rash driving and over speeding - a serious traffic hazard
Performance reports unavailable
Poor customer service
EffiKC benefits:

24x7 Visibility - precise vehicle tracking and trip status updates

Improved Quality of Service - alerts are generated for route violations, stops    skipped etc.

Improved Customer Service - Accurate estimates of arrival times and trip    duration can now be made available to clients/ passengers through the web,    mobile phones or bus stop displays

Traffic Safety - Over speeding alerts to address rash driving issues

Cost Savings - Adherence to schedules and routes will lead to improved    turnaround efficiency and hence more revenues per trip; check on speeding,    vehicle idling etc will lead to improved fuel efficiency

Performance Analysis- Reports on driver performance, route performance    etc. to identify inefficiencies and weak links
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