Schools and Educational Institutions
No information is available on the whereabouts of a school bus while it is on road
Accurate pick-up and drop off times are not available to parents
Rash driving is a safety concern
Information in the case of an accident or any other emergency is not easily available to the school authorities or parents
Longer travel time resulting from unauthorized stops, tardiness of students etc
EffiKC Benefits:  
Monitoring - Real-time information on location of each bus is available on street level maps
Better Service - Unauthorized stops along a predetermined route can now be stopped (using the way points feature)
Accurate Pick-up and Drop-off Times - Way point feature can be used to notify when each stop (drop off point) is covered and an accurate estimate of the arrival time at the next stop can be sent
Better Safety - Rash driving by drivers can be checked using the over-speed alert feature
Emergency Response - In case of an emergency activating the SOS button in the bus can alert authorities and prompt action can be taken
Better Discipline - For instance, school authorities can find out the actual reason for late arrival i.e. whether it is owing to traffic conditions or whether it is owing to tardiness of a particular student and correct disciplinary action can therefore be taken
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