Transport & Logistics Companies
  Lack of visibility of fleet status  
  Idling time, route deviation, vehicle misuse not known  
  Lack of safety of vehicle, consignment and driver  
  Increase in communication costs  
  Lack of efficient customer service- arrival times not known  
  No measure of fleet performance available  
effiKC Benefits:  
24x7 Visibility - precise vehicle tracking and trip status updates
Increased Asset Utilization - vehicle idling, route deviations recorded; vehicle misuse reported
Cost Reduction - Reduction in communication costs trying to learn vehicle location and status; increased fuel efficiency from vehicle operation at optimal speeds
Improved Safety - Vehicle theft minimized by engine immobilization option; SOS button for driver safety
Efficient Planning and Implementation - Operations planning, schedule adherence, expense control, workflow automation, enterprise reporting
Improved Customer Service - Transparency in expected time of arrival and location of consignment
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